I am a native of Nova Scotia, Canada, and a former high school teacher, counsellor, and youth leader. After having had the privilege of living and serving in the United States, the Ivory Coast (Africa), and Germany, I have returned with my husband to the village of Blandford, Nova Scotia, where I grew up. I am a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Education (both in Toronto, Canada) and I received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, USA. My doctoral thesis was entitled “Teenage Sexual Morality.” For the past 20 years I have been researching and teaching teen sexuality. I have two married sons and six wonderful grandchildren.

“I am delighted to recommend the ministry of Dr. Barbara Kohl and the timely, theologically sound resources she provides to the churches, parents, and Christian leaders in the area of human sexuality. In our increasingly pluralistic and secularized modern and postmodern societies, her resources and expertise are more timely and needed than ever.”

John Jefferson Davis Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

My Mission

Young people everywhere are being bombarded day in and day out in our super-sexualized society by messages that both trivialize sex and encourage sexual activity. These messages are hurting our young people. Yet as Christians we are failing to give our teens a picture of healthy sexuality; we leave them on their own to figure things out, often with disastrous results – physical, emotional, and social. It doesn’t need to be this way, and it breaks my heart to see the pain resulting from our lack of action. My passion is to challenge and equip parents and Christian leaders, and give them the confidence, to help their teens to recognize sex as our Heavenly Father’s good gift and to make wise decisions as to what to do with their hearts and their bodies in their teen years.