Medical Institute for Sexual Health, Just Thought You Oughta Know: Teens Giving Teens the Facts on Sex and STDs (Austin, Texas, 1998). 7-minute DVD

Medical Institute for Sexual Health, Sex Is Not a Game (Austin, Texas, 2016). DVD.

  • Teens talk about the life-changing consequences of sex and encourage teens to think about the rewards of making healthy choices.

Sex Appeal, with Doug Herman (Pure Revolution Realife Presentations, Inc., P.O. Box 270510, Littleton, Co 80127-0010).

  • Doug Herman shares the personal story of his wife’s and infant daughter’s deaths from an HIV-infected blood transfusion. He guides students through issues of character, respect, and courage and challenges them to make healthy and wise choices and to postpone sexual activity until marriage.

Sex has a Price Tag 2000, with Pam Stenzel (Grand Rapids: Rooftop Productions, 2000).

  • Pam Stenzel, a clinical psychologist with nine years of experience in pregnancy crisis counseling, talks to an assembly of high school students on the consequences of sexual activity outside marriage.