You may forget me but I still do remember you and your teaching. I’m visiting your website. Thank you so much for your website. I have learned many things, which is very much helpful for my ministry.


My purpose is to challenge and equip parents, youth leaders, pastors, teachers, and other significant adults as sex educators of the children in their care.

For the past 20 years I have been speaking and teaching on teen sexuality, and continuing to do research, which I am happy to share with you through this site.




If you are in touch with your teens, you know the pressures on them to be sexually active.


I point you to biblical passages that can be applied specifically to teen sexuality.


Be confident of your teaching and help your students make healthy sexual decisions.


I am delighted to recommend the ministry of Dr. Barbara Kohl and the timely, theologically sound resources she provides to the churches, parents, and Christian leaders in the area of human sexuality. In our increasingly pluralistic and secularized modern and postmodern societies, her resources and expertise are more timely and needed than ever.

~ John Jefferson Davis ~ Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Thank you very much for enriching the parents, teachers, youth pastors and workers with your insights and wisdom on “Teen Sexuality.” We are truly privileged to hear you bring God’s Word to Union Church of Manila.

~ Rev. Steve L. Ruetschle ~ Senior Pastor Union Church of Manila

Thank you so much for your prompt sending of your teen sexuality presentation. The five of us from Precious Jewels who attended your presentation are excited about developing a module to work with our college age youth leaders.

~ Joke ~ Precious Jewels Manila, Philippines

The class you have taught in September this year has been very informative and of a great interest to all participants. ETSM will have this class on Teen Sexuality as part of our curriculum.

~ Dr. Ilya A Okhotnikov ~ Evangelical Theological Seminary Moscow, Russia

After your seminar a communication network and collaborative and resource sharing partnership developed as your seminar had brought together and highlighted a common plight and ministry need amongst our churches. I continue to meet with and provide further leadership development with these leaders who have testified of remarkable development in the groups they facilitate. The “Why Wait” program was implemented after your visit and in cooperation with several other youth agencies and those participants at the seminar, fourteen weeks of Bible studies ensued which culminated in a huge celebration (youth rally) with 800 teens signing pledge cards, committing their lives to one of celibacy until marriage and being “adopted” by an adult discipler who would “walk” with them, pray with them, and support them in the relationship building until they are married!

May I again express our deep gratitude to you for the impact that your seminar has had and the continuing fruit of that ministry.

~ Rev. Neil Henry ~ Vice-Principal, Bible Institute of South Africa Kalk Bay, South Africa

I want to thank you very much for coming to ESSA to present your seminar. The content was superb. I have picked up comments from a number of people who have said how valuable they found the seminar.

~ Dr. William Houston ~ President, Evangelical Seminary of South Africa Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Barbara, you have no idea how much help your visit to the school has been. It provoked a lot of discussion within the sections heads. There is no doubt that you have pointed the school in the right direction.

~ Guillermo Murchison ~ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thank you for the seminar you gave at our school on Monday, November 15. The information and ideas presented were thought-provoking. Feedback from the parents has been extremely positive; many really appreciated the resource list.

~ Joan Dennis ~ Principal, Halifax Christian Academy Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

We are very thankful to our Heavenly Father, who brought you to our Seminary. Your visit to our Seminary was a real blessing for us. All of us who had contacts with you learned a lot through your lectures, sermons, and personal advice.

~ Dr. Vladimir Pomazkov ~ Executive Director, Odessa Theological Seminary Odessa, Ukraine